Episode 2 – The Pancreas and the Gallbladder

Episode 2 – The Pancreas and the Gallbladder

We start Episode 2 discussing the use of juice to improve images for children undergoing MRCP. This episode, we focus on the pancreas and the gallbladder. We first discuss pancreatitis. We go over how the patient presents, why lipase is better than amylase, why taking a good family history is important, test of choice, etiologies, complications, and treatment. We move on to discussing the gallbladder. Again, discussing presentation, diagnostic tests of choice, associated conditions, and treatment of choice. Dr. Izsak quizzes Raj (tune in to find out how he does!) and we conclude the episode with Pearls to consider that could help lead you to the correct diagnosis.

Intro Article:

Mark E Bittman, Michael J Callahan. The effective use of acai juice, blueberry juice, and pineapple juice as negative contrast agents for magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography in children. Pediatric Radiology (2014) 44:883-887




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